Hi, I'm Hannah!

The one who strives for stress-free website building for newbies

Attention to Details

Paying attention to all odds and sods of drag-and-drop builders, logo makers and other tools for website creation.

Aiming at Glitches

If there is a glitch in the website builder, trust me, I’ll find it! I do not search for glitches, they search for me!

Searching for the Best

I try and test all the website builders on my own and rate them according to the ease of use, functionality and the final result of my work.

Who I am and Why am I doing it?


started to work as a copywriter ten years ago gaining enough experience to start thinking about my own website. Taking into consideration zero knowledge of coding languages and minimal budget, the choice was obvious: a drag and drop builder.

As you can see from the Skills bar, I do not trust my designing skills, though, hope to develop and improve them one day. Thus, the decision to use one of the offered templates instead of building the whole site from scratch is well-rounded, trust me.

But, there are so many builders and so many stumbling blocks in them, that I ended up with several versions of the website created with help of different webbuilders. And none of these versions was good enough to start working with it. I decided to share my experience with other newbies. I hope that they will come in handy to you! And if you have suggestions what builders to review, get in touch with me!

My Skills

Writing Skills
Webbuilding Experience